Compact Imaging (CI) has designed and demonstrated in human subjects a very small, low-cost optical imaging and biometry sensor for use in fast-growing mobile personal health monitoring and biometric security applications.

CI's sensor technology, called MRO™ (for "Multiple Reference OCT"), is highly disruptive, enabling a greater than 100x reduction in size and cost and, more importantly, high value "need to know" biometrics.

MRO™ is a novel version of optical coherence tomography (OCT), a mature, non-invasive, non-ionizing imaging technology. Conventional clinic-scale OCT instruments, priced from $50,000 to over $150,000, were commercialized early in the last decade for use by ophthalmologists to image and measure the retina and other features of the eye.

The CI team, building on its experience designing very small opto-electronic systems, developed MRO™, a miniature form of OCT that at volume is projected to be comparable in size and cost to the optical pick-up unit in a DVD drive, making it possible to acquire accurate biometrics from wristwatch-size devices priced at no more than a few hundred dollars.

CI's business model is licensing its MRO™ technology and partnering with licensees to develop application-specific implementations. The Company has patented MRO™ for use in a broad range of biological and non-biological imaging and measurement applications, including health and fitness, cosmetics and skin care, ophthalmology and eye care, and biometric security.

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